copyright statement

Stephen McIntyre

I wondered if you might pass this way...

Feel free to reproduce and distribute any work by a dead guy you find here, just so long as the material is not sold for profit and you permit everyone else the same reproduction and distribution rights you've enjoyed. I'm not concerned with notices or tags: the works are out of copyright and should remain that way for all people.

As for everything else, eh, being the lazy man I am, I've covered it under a Creative Commons License. What is a Creative Commons License, you ask? Essentially this: while I retain the copyright for the stuff I originally produce, I'm more than happy to let you do whatever you want with it, within the scope of the license. In this case I ask only that you make proper attributions, use the work only for non-commercial purposes, and, if you share, share your derivative work under the same licensing scheme. a more proper explanation is found at Creative Common's site.