Finding Somethin' Thoughtful

Stephen McIntyre

Need to find something?

The search field below is connected directly to Google™, a decent enough site for finding just about anything on the 'Net. The field will search for things primarily here at; for example, if you were wondering about Chuang Tzu and his dream of a butterfly, you might type into the field "chuang tzu butterfly", and Google™ will look for anything here with those words in the same document. Results are not guaranteed, and many times will be different than expected. I am often a victim of my own poor memory, remembering such-and-such words attributed to an author, only to learn I did not remember quite right, or I remembered the right author, but forgot that the words belonged to a different translation. A tricky one, that brain of mine.

Optionally, because you cannot find what you are looking for here at, you may want to search the rest of the 'Net. To do this, just click the radio button next to the label that reads "Search the 'Net", enter whatever words or phrase you want, and off you'll go. Note that it may take multiple searches to find what you are looking for.

By the way, the search fields will take you directly to Google™, so don't hold me too accountable for what you might find there. *beam*

Again, to make a search for things here at, just type in the words or phrase below:

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One last thing: Google™ makes such a search possible through their generous terms. I could deploy a search engine unique to, but given Google's™ superior technology, and their regular indexing of this site, I'll leave the search capabilities in the hands of the experts. Good luck in your searches!