The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth

Table of Contents

Thomas Jefferson

Life and Morals
Jesus of Nazareth

Extracted textually
from the Gospels
Greek, Latin
French & English

A Table of the Texts from the Evangelists
employed in this narrative and of the order of their arrangements.

[Page 1.] Luke 2.1-7. Joseph & Mary go to Bethlehem, where Jesus is born.
21. 39. he is circumsized & named & they return to Nazareth.
40. 42-48. 51. 52. at 12 years of age he accompanies his

[2.] parents to Jerusalem and returns.
L.3. 1.2.Mk.1.4.Mt. John baptises in Jordan.
Mt.3.13. Jesus is baptised. L.3.23. at 30 years of age.

[3.] J.2.12-16. drives the traders out of the temple.
J.3.22.Mt.4.12.Mk.6.17-28. he baptises but retires into Galilee
on the death of John.

[4.] Mk.1.21.22. he teaches in the Synagogue.

[5.] Mt.12.1-5 .9-12.Mk.2.27.Mt.12.14.15. explains the Sabbath.
L.6.12. call of his disciples.

[6. to 15.] Mt.5.1-12 L.
7.1. L.6.38.Mt.7.3- the Sermon on the Mount.
Mt.8.1.Mk.6.6.Mt. exhorts.

[16.] L.7.36-46. a woman anointeth him.

[17.] Mk.3.31-35.L.12.1-7 .13-15. precepts.

[18.19.] L.12.16-21. parable of the rich man.

[20.] 22-48.54-59.L.13.1-5. precepts.

[21.] L.13.6-9. parable of the fig tree.

[22.] L.11.37- precepts.

[23.] Mt.13.1-9.Mk.4.10.Mt.13.18-23. parable of the sower.

[24.25.] Mk. precepts. Mt.13.24-30.36-52. parable of the Tares.

[26.27.] Mk.4.26-34.L.9.57-62.L.5.27-29.Mk.2.15-17. precepts.
L.5.36-38. parable of new wine in old bottles.

[28.] Mt.13.53.-57. a prophet hath no honor in his own country.

[29.] Mt.9.36.Mk.6.7.Mt. mission, instruction, return of apostles.

[30.31.] J.7.1.Mk.7.1.-5.14-24.Mt.18.1-4.7-9.12-17.21-25. precepts.

[32.33.] Mt.18.23.-35. parable of the wicked servant.

[34.] L.10.1-8.10-12. mission of the LXX.

[35.] J.7.2-16.19-26.32.43-53. the feast of the tabernacles.

[36.] J.8.1-11. the woman taken in Adultery.

[37.] J. to be born blind no proof of sin.
J.10.1-5.11.-14.16.the good shepherd.

[38.] L.10.25-37. love god & thy neighbor. parable of the Samaritan.

[39.] L.11.1-13. form of prayer.

[40.] L.14.1-6. the Sabbath.

[41.] 7-24. the bidden to a feast.

[42.] 28-32. precepts.

[43.44.] L.15.1-32. parables of the lost sheep and Prodigal son.

[45.] L.16.1-15. parable of the unjust steward.

[46.] 18-31. parable of Lazarus.

[47.48.] L.17.1-4.7-10.20.26-36. precepts to be always ready.

[49.] L.18.1-14. parables of the widow & judge, the Pharisee & Publican.

[50.51.] L.10.38-42.Mt.19.1-26. precepts.

[52.] Mt.20.1-16. parable of the laborers in the vineyard.

[53.54.] L.19.1-28. Zaccheus, & the parable of the talents.

[55.56.] Mt.21.1-3.6-8.10.J.12.19-24.Mt.21.17. goes to Jerusalem and Bethany.
Mk.11.12.15-19. the traders cast out from the temple.
Mk.11.27.Mt.21.27-31. parable of the two sons.

[57.] Mt.21.33.Mk.12.1-9.Mt.21.45.46. parable of the vineyard & the husbandman.

[58.] Mt.22.1.-14. parable of the king and wedding.

[59.] 15-33. tribute. marriage. resurrection.

[60.] Mk.12.28-31.Mt.22.40.Mk.12.32.33. the two commandments.

[61.62.] Mt.23.1-33. precepts. pride. hypocrisy. swearing.

[63.] Mk.12.41-44. the widow's mite.

[64.] Mt. Jerusalem & the day of judgement.
45-51. the faithful and wise servant.

[65.] Mt.25.1-13. parable of the ten virgins.

[66.] 14-30. parable of the talents.

[67.68.] L.21.34-36.Mt.25.31-46. the day of judgement.

[69.] Mk.14.1-8. a woman anointeth him.

[70.] Mt.26.14-16. Judas undertakes to point out Jesus.

[71.] 17-20.L.22.24-27.J.13.2.4-17.21-

[72.] L.22.33-34.Mt.26.35-45. precepts to his disciples. washes their feet.
trouble of mind and prayer.

[73.] J.18.1-3.Mt.26.48-50. Judas conducts the officers to Jesus.

[74.] J.18.4-8.Mt.26.50-52.55.56.Mk.14.51.52.Mt.26.57.J.

[75.] J.
L. he is arrested & carried
before Caiaphas the High priest & is condemned.

[76.] J.18.28-31.33-38.L.23.5.Mt.27.13. is then carried to Pilate.

[77.] L.23.6-12. who sends him to Herod.

[78.] L.23.13-16.Mt.27.15-23.26. receives him back, scourges and delivers him to execution.

[79.80.] Mt.27.27.29-31.3-8.L.23.26-32.J.19.17-24.Mt.27.39-43.
L.23.39-41.34.J.19.25-27.Mt.27.46-55.56. his crucifixion.
death and burial.

[81.] J.19.31-34.38-42.Mt.27.60. his burial.