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18 September 2009

Goodness. Why did I wait so long? I have been busy, and updating Hume's Treatise has not been on my mind. However, someone wrote to me wondering where more of the book is, and if I could continue adding the other sections. I've relented in my laziness, and have added in the pages up to Part 3, Section 16 of Book 1. Hopefully my next update won't take so long!

17 July 2009

I finally added an update to Hume's Treatise, this time up to Part 3, Section 8 to make up for the missed two weeks. I've just been busy with a couple other projects. See you next week.

26 June 2009

Book I, Part 2 of Hume's Treatise is now done. I did double the files this week because I missed last Friday's update. My bad. See you next week.

12 June 2009

Book I, Part 2, sections 1 to 3 of Hume's Treatise are now ready for viewing. This mode of "update small but frequent" seems to work for me. We will have to take it one week at a time to see the results.

I also edited the original table of contents for all books. Originally, I had made an index for each book that included a library-like blurb of information, a link to a zip file of the book, a blurb of what I did to edit the book and a link to the table of contents. This seemed to get in the way of the real meat of the contents. I looked up this site on a search engine, to see who all and what all linked here, and found that many if not most links went directly to the table of contents. So rather than separate the table of contents from the index, I merged the two, and added a link to the details (book biography, etc.) of the book. Eventually all links will lead to the indices.

05 June 2009

I finished and added in the next four pages of Hume's Treatise. I also did some work earlier to make the site download even faster than it did a few days ago. The work continues...

02 June 2009

It had been two years since my last update to this site. I made a couple promises about books I never kept, and with other things taking time in my life, I figured those promises could wait. That changes today.

When I first created, I wanted to make some books, certain books, available to people. The Analects was one, The Nicomachean Ethics was another, and soon I had the internet's first editions of The Chuang Tzu and The Mencius online. (The first as far as I'm aware, at any rate.) Old translations, to be sure, but still valuable - and free - to people who make the effort to read them.

At the time, computer displays commonly were at 800 x 600 resolutions, Internet Explorer 4 (or is that 5?) and Netscape were kings, and there were no lolcats.

We have moved quite some years into the future.

To mark my birthday (my 41st), I have updated my site in many respects. I still have some work to do, chasing down typos and fixing broken links, but much of the heavy design work is done. I finally began adding David Hume's A Treatise of Human Nature to the library: a large work, a deep work, but a work of thought well worth your time.

I am still deciding whether to add a blog. I have little to add to the miasma that calls itself the blogosphere, but giving updates in a regular format has its appeals.

I will be editing the books I have on this website as time permits. I noticed that The Nicomachean Ethics lacks the quality it could have, so it will be the first I will fix. I'll let you know from time to time my progress on the project.

Hume's Treatise also is a work in progress. Let me emphasize that last word, because, unlike the two years previous, we have a book and it is slowly making its way, in fullness, to the web. Of course, there are other versions of the same book on the web - I have arrived fashionably late to the party. But I hope you'll find the book I present here the best available online. Expect updates to the book every Friday as I finish the chapters. Friday's a good day - you'll have the weekend to ponder the things Hume has to say.